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DMA Portal allows people to get information, access applications and interact with each other in a personalized way. It is a web-based portal, consisting of a collection of productivity applications specifically for the distribution/trading industry. DMA Portal can be used internally (employee-to-employee) or externally (business-to-business). The applications can be 'plugged' in to the portal incrementally as business sees fit.


Based on J2EE architecture, DMA Portal is a robust and scalable application that runs on multiplatform (MS Windows, Linux, Unix, and AS/400). The Portal site, no matter it is a E2E or B2B can be easily maintained by non-technical staff, thereby dramatically reducing the IT cost.

One Platform, many different business needs


  • Scalable and Reliable that improve employee productivity and increase customer loyalty
  • Personalized content delivery – User can see the content based on his department, group or role, and access rights
  • Portal-based applications – Business applications are available in DMA Portal, such as event calendar, content management and document management.
  • Provides powerful collaboration capabilities such as instant messaging, team workplaces, people finder and e-meetings

  • Integration with backend systems – Portlets and connectors are available to connect to your backend systems
  • Portal user interface


  • Boost competitive advantage
  • Improve knowledge sharing efficiency
  • Plug-in approach - Functions can be incrementally added without high cost
  • Reduce cost for building and maintaining first class portals
  • Improve customer and business partner loyalty


  • Business productivity improvement
  • Lower IT support cost
  • Instant access to information

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