May 2012

Realizing Document Capture and Management System in Banking Industry

(May 2012) One of the biggest Taiwan Bank awarded DMA Solutions Limited to provide consultation, project management and implementation services to realize their Document Capture and Management System across 5 business operational units and 22 branches in Hong Kong region.

The objectives are not simply a replacement of the present microfilm system or fixing the related problems and deficiencies but also provides new facilitates with a view to improve operation efficiency and to provide the integration spots for the future workflow solution to the Bank.

The new system will be implemented using IBM Production Imaging Edition (PIE) and IBM FileNet Content Manager (CM). This whole package consists of modules from document imaging to document storage & retrieval. The document imaging part is using IBM Datacap Task Master (“IBM Datacap”) while the document storage; discovery and manipulation parts are using IBM FileNet Content Manager (“IBM FileNet”).

With the implementation of new system, it provides the Bank with an opportunity to streamline operation work without substantial enhancement effort at the host side. The whole document check-in process is fully automated and secured stored within the new system. Through the maker and checker approval cycles, all the documents are checked into the correct destinations with tighten security policies associated in order to ensure only the right people can access the right documents. Besides, over 100 housekeeping processes are developed so that documents will be purged automatically under the reinforcement of the banking compliance.

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