August 2009

Online automotive parts and accessories sourcing

(August 2009) VAGLink (, specializes in ensuring quality auto spare parts, automotive enhancement accessories as well as performance tuning parts worldwide. They served millions of customers worldwide in the past few years and teamed up with strategic wholesale partners worldwide in United States, UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Japan, etc.

With the help of DMA Solutions Limited Professional Services, their e-commerce site was successfully launched to serve their overseas partners in 7 x 24 operations and widely expand the coverage of their sales channel in the web. Facilitated with cross-selling intelligence, the system actively recommends co-related products to the targeted shoppers with the aim to sell more.

An ebay integrator is provided so that VAGLink administrators can cover all ebay sales orders in one unified ecommerce platform.

Moreover, equipped with the role-based fulfillment and inventory modules, the entire processes maximize the efficiency at the workplace.


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