Case Study

Revamp of Wing Lung Bank web site


Wing Lung Bank adopted DMA Solution Web Content Management System (WCMS) for their Wing Lung Bank corporate web site


Wing Lung Bank, being one of the largest banks in Hong Kong, was searching for a Java-based Web Content Management System to power their high volume web site.  Most of the CMS in the market are not Java-based and cannot pre-rendered the web content in HTML to allow ultimate scalability.  After much evaluation and design consideration, Wing Lung Bank, chose the DMA WCMS, and the creative web design by DMA long-term partner, AvantBiz Consulting.


Wing Lung Bank requires that the WCMS generates the full site in HTML pages in order to easily scale up the web site by simply adding more web servers. 

In addition, there is stringent workflow to control the web content approval. And there is integration with the Mainframe system.


DMA Solutions, being a premium IBM business partner, took up the challenge.  We implemented the WCMS on IBM Websphere platform and DB2 database.  In addition, we leveraged IBM Websphere MQ to integrate with the Wing Lung Bank Mainframe system.

The Wing Lung Bank web site, fully compliant with Hong Kong Monetary Authority requirement, now provides the most up-to-date information about the bank.

Why DMA Solutions?

DMA Solutions is the leading IT Solution Provider of web application solutions with full track records of delivering web sites for financial institutions and other industries.


  • Technically competent as DMA Solutions are expert on IBM Websphere products
  • DMA WCMS fully meets the business and performance requirements of Wing Lung Bank
  • DMA WCMS publishes the web site in HTML pages, thus allows the fastest site performance.  In addition, the site is isolated from the Content authoring platform, and it minimizes the security risks. 
  • Our creative web design, from award-winning AvantBiz Consulting, wins the confidence of Wing Lung Bank 

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