Case Study

FileNet P8 Case study for Macau Casino Entertainment Group


IBM FileNet solution provides a scalable document repository for the Macau Entertainment Group. The Business Process Engine streamlines the document review process, shortening the legal review process.


As one of the leading casino entertainment providers in Macau, The Entertainment Group has been expanding rapidly in this competitive market.  In order to cope with the rate of expansion, numerous tenders are initiated regularly. The Procurement and Legal teams must be able to process these tenders in a timely manner.  These contracts are usually of complex nature, consisting of hardcopies and softcopies documents.  Over 30-40 revisions and clarifications will result during the process.  It is thus very tedious to store the documents, and time consuming to search the relevant documents.

The procurement and legal process is very stringent and involves different parties, usually located in different offices in Hong Kong and Macau. Flexible workflow tool is necessary to control the entire business process, making sure all the involved parties review the right documents at the right time. This creates enormous pressure and poses challenges to the IT team to implement a business process and document management solution quickly.


After extensively evaluating a number of potential solutions, they selected the industry leading, IBM FileNet P8 Business Process Management (BPM) software.  It is a full-blown BPM solution, meeting all their business needs. The built-in business components enable a fully-customizable Contract Management System to be deployed for the customer in the shortest time.  The whole procurement and legal review process, from document capture, workflow review and approval to contract preparation, publication and signing, can be handled seamlessly within the System,

The System is designed with end-user in mind.  It is intuitive to use, supporting the Microsoft Office and web browser interfaces, with which the company’s lawyers are most familiar.

The Contract Management System begins by capturing softcopies contracts either from web browser or from within Microsoft Office e.g. MS WORD. Alternatively, hardcopy contracts can be scanned and checked in.  The check-in process will trigger the review and approval workflow instantly. Leveraging IBM FileNet market-leading graphical viewer and document annotation capability, collaborative reviewing with granular access control annotation is possible.  The FileNet WorkPlace is personalizable with strong access control.  The result is that only authorized person can access the documents in the most user friendly way.

Why partner with DMA Solutions

DMA, being an authorised partner of IBM FileNet, demonstrates excellent project management and business consulting skills to help client solve their business issues.


The Contract Management System reduces operational costs by streamlining most of the existing manual processes. More importantly, lawyers achieve greater productivity and improve quality of work through the successful adoption of this new Contract Management System. thus reducing the contract review and approval time, shortening the cycle time between the draft and the finalized versions. The result? Projects, such as large resort construction work, can be kicked off as scheduled.

With the successful launch of the Contract Management System, the Entertainment Group now plans to automate more business processes under the IBM Filenet P8 platform, maximizing their return of this investment.

Technical References

    Software component

  • IBM FileNet
  • MS SQL server

    Hardware component

  • IBM PC server

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