Case Study

Bank’s profitability Enhancement Solution


A revolutionary banking platform that analyzes information,  makes intelligent recommendation and alerts compliance issues


In the private banking sector, private banks strives to gear their front-end managers with the best tool that helps them analyze millions of information and identify the information that will benefit their clients.  To date, this process is very manual and relationship managers have to rely on manual process.  Hence, we are presented with a challenge that demands the most advance rule-based engine to address the problem.


The solution must be well designed because:

  • The business rules must be easy to define, update and share with business users
  • The system must be able to process rules at high speed
  • Compliance is a challenging topic. The system dynamically adjusts the compliance rules and scan through the clients’ portfolios to spot abnormalities
  • The system must be flexible to integrate with different core banking systems


After detailed design, It is decided to implement the system based on the latest rule-based engine and the most robust Enterprise System Bus (ESB) technologies, developing using Java Enterprise technology

Why DMA Solutions?

DMA Solutions are uniquely qualified to architect a strong backend system with rules-based engine and flexible integration technologies; together with the very user intuitive interface with which business users instantly fall in love


  • Banks can easily manage the recommendation rules such that the right products/recommendations are suggested to the right clients
  • Relationship Managers can offload the manual work to the system, thus spending more quality time with clients
  • The System is well designed to allow robust integration with the Banks’ other systems
  • Business Rules can be easily updated
  • Relationship Managers can recommend the right products, make the intelligent advice to clients
  • Compliance are regularly checked automatically

Technical References

  • Java Technology
  • Rule Engine
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technology
  • Support all popular relational database

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